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Whitt's End - reaper

Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

*Tim Tebow called an audible, and the right one, by canceling his April appearance in Dallas. No need to be linked – real or imagined – to First Baptist Church of Dallas right-wing zealot Dr. Robert Jeffress. Why? Because he’s a pastor who says homosexuals are “filthy” and who labels Mormonism a “cult.” Oh, but at the same time he endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

*Sometimes in life rules trump desires. As in, you’d really like to talk about a certain subject but, alas, the career-threatening consequences prohibit you from uttering even one syllable.

*Cowboys are, of course, doing the right thing by extending the contract of quarterback Tony Romo. But when vice president Stephen Jones comes on 105.3 The Fan and uses words like “deserves” and “reward” I’m sure a lot of critics of No. 9 roll their eyes, if not altogether vomit.

*I still don’t understand why prospective NFL players don’t wear pads during the various skill assessments at the combine. Because I’m pretty sure a 4.38 40-yard dash in tight Lycra shorts isn’t applicable.

*Mavs’ deadline trade to acquire Anthony Morrow for Dahntay Jones isn’t a big deal. Morrow is younger, a better outside shooter and doesn’t deter the team’s grand plan to pursue free-agent center Dwight Howard this summer. To have a shot at the West’s 8th and final playoff spot the Mavs need to go 20-9 in their final 29. Don’t see that happening, but I think they can make the chase interesting.

*Got into a heated debate this week on Dirk Nowitzki vs. Charles Barkley. Boils down to this: They are two of the most uniquely talented players in NBA history. Dirk is a 7-footer who dominated on the perimeter; Barkley a 6-foot-6 player who controlled the paint. In five more career games, Dirk has more points and Barkley more rebounds. They both have 11 All-Star selections and an MVP.  It comes down to this: Dirk’s Mavs beat LeBron in The Finals while Barkley’s Suns lost to Jordan. Advantage, Dirk. My Top 5 all-time NBA power forwards: 1. Tim Duncan; 2. Karl Malone; 3. Bob Pettit; 4. Dirk; 5. Chuck.

*One year ago today in this space: Yu Darvish’s debut in the desert … Josh Hamilton saying “I don’t owe the Rangers anything.” … Tiger Woods losing early in golf’s Match Play Championship … Terrell Owens’ debut as an Allen Wrangler.



*I’m guessing that if our professional coaches took the Wonderlic assessment test Jason Garrett would score the highest, followed by Rick Carlisle, Ron Washington and the Stars’ Glen Gulutzan. Why? Garrett went to Princeton and Washington is a whiz at math. Or at least really good at Moneyball sabremetrics.

*Don’t care how you attempt to justify it, A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel taking only on-line courses this semester feels wrong. Most importantly, how can you be a “Big man on campus” without, um, actually being on campus?

*Cowboys will draft No. 18 in the NFL Draft on April 25. In the past three occasions they’ve selected from that slot they’ve come away with Bobby Carpenter (2006), Mike Sherrard (1986) and Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson (1975). And, no, one out of three ain’t good. By the way, at No. 18 in 2008 the Baltimore Ravens drafted a guy named Joe Flacco.

*Remember the days of Braniff, Eastern, TWA and Pan Am? These days when you fly you’re down to four major-carrier choices: American, United, Delta and Southwest.

*It’s already happened and I’ll betcha a nickel it happens multiple times this season: 37-year-old Rangers’ DH Lance Berkman is injured.

*Once upon a time Tiger Woods was intimidating in a match-play format. Feels like a lifetime ago. At the Match Play Championship he’s now failed to get out of the 2nd Round for four consecutive years.

*Screw pitchers and catchers reporting, the real sign that Spring is about to spring is the fact that the trees in my yard have bloomed. Yep, just like that.

*If you don’t watch Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, you aren’t laughing hard enough.

*The Oscars are Sunday night. Pass. Acting is the most overrated of all the “talents” we fawn over. Just pretend to be somebody else. Big whoop.

*This weekend? We’re at the Daytona 500, an event you should attend once in your life just for the spectacle if not the sport. Don’t be a stranger.

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