GREENVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – The family of a girl tragically killed more than three months ago held a birthday party like no other in Greenville Saturday.

Music, dancing, and a festive atmosphere marked what would have been the 17th birthday of Alicia Moore.

The Greenville teen was grabbed just after she left a school bus a block from her home last November.  Her body was found in Van Zandt County four days later.

On Saturday her family threw a party for the murdered girl, both to celebrate her life and to remind residents of Greenville that her killer is still free.

Alicia’s aunt, Jessica Byrd, hopes the party will be a positive reminder of work to still be done.  “It’s okay, it’s hard but it’s, you know, we’re not down and depressed with the situation, we can still move on and be uplifted, and we can still celebrate her birthday with the community, because the community has been a big support since this happened to us a few months ago.”

Ms. Byrd says police tell her they’re hoping DNA evidence still being processed might give them a break.

“It’s frustrating, I know it takes a process but, it’s just hard when you don’t hear from investigators all the time.”

She hopes by keeping Alicia’s memory alive it will jog someone’s memory who might know something about the murder and report it.

Though there have been numerous potential leads there’s still no arrest.