Mark Hasse (credit: Kaufman County Sheriff's Office)

Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse (credit: Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office)

KAUFMAN (CBSDFW.COM) – Investigators in Kaufman County are still looking for the gunman who shot and killed Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse. Several weeks ago, billboards went up across North Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, asking for help in the case. Those billboards have brought in some new clues and a bigger reward.

Hasse was assassinated on January 31 in broad daylight, near the Kaufman County Courthouse in downtown Kaufman. The attacker approached the Assistant District Attorney wearing a mask, opened fire, and then fled the scene in a nondescript car. The masked gunman got away before anybody could come up with a solid description of the person’s appearance.

District Attorney Mike McLellan said that, with help from the new billboard campaign, more tips are continuing to be received. “There’s going to be people that remember things that they have seen that might match something that they’ve heard earlier, people with hunches about something that they had seen and they just, for some reason or another, just pops back in their mind,” McLellan said. “The insignificant piece of information to you is gold to an investigator, so please don’t discount whatever information you might have.”

McLellan did not elaborate on the details of the investigation, but said that it is still very much an active case. “It is progressing and proceeding, and there’s quite a few people involved in it,” McLellan said, “and they’re still out there tracking down leads and going through the motions.”

Meanwhile, the reward pot has grown even larger — to a total of $130,000. “There is a $100,000 reward from Crime Stoppers,” said McLellan, “but there’s also a private individual who has promised another $30,000 to the person who collects that reward.”

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