A man drinks a pint of beer. (credit: Chris Furlong/Getty Images)

A man drinks a pint of beer. (credit: Chris Furlong/Getty Images)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Craft brewers and brewpubs in Texas just got a potential boost. The state Senate has unanimously passed two bills that would help increase sales for those businesses.

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State Sen. Kevin Eltife’s (R-Tyler) filed a bill that would allow the brewers to sell their products through outside retailers. “Some of these craft brewers who are trying to make some of these specialty products and be the next big beer in Texas or nationwide now they can. They can distribute and sell it at some of the HEBs or 7-11s.”

Eltife also filed a second bill that would allow breweries to sell their product directly to the customer’s onsite. Currently, when visiting a brewery location, visitors could sample the products, but couldn’t purchase them.

“The wineries they [visitors] go to and tour the wineries, now they can go tour the breweries and actually buy the beer and consume it on site, while they’re taking a tour,” Eltife explained. “ So it helps those guys generate revenue and expand their business.”

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Ultimately Eltife said both bills are good for business and good for the Texas economy. “It helps all the craft beer manufacturers, brewpubs, [and] breweries. It helps economic development [and] create jobs… helps them grow their small businesses.”

Both bills, passed unanimously by the State Senate, will still need to pass in the House and then be signed by Governor Perry.

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