By Steve Pickett

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – It was March 20, and Jeri Whitener was sitting in her rural Ellis County home, when she heard someone enter a door.

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It would be the start of a frightening and violent confrontation, ending with the deaths of two Oklahoma teenagers.

On Wednesday, The Ellis Co. District Attorney’s office released a 911 call, along with video from car cameras attached to patrol units from the Ellis Co. Sheriff’s Department, detailing the nightmare Whitener and her husband faced.

“We got people shooting at us,” Whitener frantically told an emergency operator. “There’s two guys with rifles,” she said.

For close to 30 minutes, Whitener stayed on the phone describing two suspects firing at her and her husband. The couple would fire back. The suspects attempted to enter her home in the middle of the day.

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“I heard them trying to open the back door, and I stood up. He saw me. I saw him. So I went upstairs and called my husband, and got my pistol.”

Whitener didn’t know at the time that Dillon King and Kenneth Chaffin were teens on the run from Oklahoma. They had a large amount of ammunition and stolen prescription medication.

Deputies soon surrounded the Whitener property. They found the teenagers dead. Both had self-inflicted gunshots. Whitener’s husband was slightly injured in the gun fight, but she remained on the 911 call, detailing the moves of the suspects, until authorities arrived. At one point, Whitener laughed slightly, then exclaimed, “this is like a bad TV show.”

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