WEST (CBSDFW.COM) – Wesley Adcock was working on the interstate, just about a mile away from West Fertilizer Company when he saw the massive smoke cloud caused by the explosion. Within moments, he says, his phone starting ringing with reports his cousin’s house was leveled.

“It’s gone. Luckily she was at work. It’s gone there’s nothing left.”

Adcock says he rushed to the civic center, where he found several injured people in need of help. “I loaded up people in my car, I took three trips to the hospital,” he explained. “Some people, a lot of them were from the nursing home. Some were in good spirits, some were pretty serious.”

More than 130 nursing home residents were evacuated from their home, after the explosion severely damaged the building.

Adcock says a 95-year old woman was among the residents he personally transported to the hospital.

“The last lady that I took to the hospital she was actually buried inside of the nursing home. They got her out and she asked if I could go back and get a few things for her.”

Adcock promised he would go back to the nursing home to look for her Bible and prayer book, but after getting a closer look at the explosion’s impact, he’s doubtful he will be able to find them.

Still despite the destruction and still unknown number of fatalities and injuries, Adcock remained hopeful.

“This is a really good community. A lot of hard working Christian people live in this community. We’ll bounce back,” promised Adcock. “I’m sure I’ve lost friends and family here. But West is a strong community. We’ll bounce back. We really will. If everybody could say a prayer for us tonight, that’s all we need.”