DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – A new policy allowing passengers to carry small knives on planes was put on hold by federal officials on Monday.

The Transportation Security Administration announced it will postpone a new policy that was set to go into effect Thursday.

That policy would have allowed passengers to carry small knives and other sports equipment, like golf clubs, on board for the first time since the September 11 terror attacks.

The TSA cited feedback from an advisory committee for the delay. The committee is made up of airline officials, law enforcement, as well as passengers.

Last month, TSA officials stood by the policy change saying it would allow security agents to concentrate on greater threats.

Unions representing flight attendants lobbied heavily against the change. Union leaders said the allowance of small knives could pose a threat to passengers as well as the flight crew.

Passengers at DFW International had mixed reactions late Monday and early Tuesday.

Passenger Keith LeBlanc said, “I think they just ought to be consistent. They made a rule. They should stick with it.”

“I would like to see it changed,” said passenger Thomas Mladjen. “As it is, I have to take that knife off of my keychain, pack it in my luggage, pay $25 or $30 to have my luggage put on board so I can have my knife at my destination.”

“I think if someone was going to do something bad, or try and apprehend someone, it would be so easy to pull out a pocket knife and poke somebody right there,” said passenger Ashley Bull.

Every day, TSA agents confiscate about 200 knives from passengers.

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