ELLIS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – The deadly storm system that spurred some 13 North Texas tornadoes moved from west to east. The storm system that took lives in Granbury and caused devastating property damage in Cleburne eventually moved through the city of Ennis.

While the storm had weakened it was still strong enough to cause damage and fray nerves. Resident Donna Summers said it was two minutes after Midnight when she helped a customer inside the convenience store where she was working.

Summers said the wind made it hard to open the door. “I didn’t see a whole lot of anything but I heard a whirr, like a far-away train.”

Ennis resident Jessica Smith was also in the middle of it all.  She says, just recently, family members warned her about all the trees around her house. “When I looked out my window there were huge trees crashing down in my back yard and then, boom, boom, up against the house,” she recalled. “Just crashing and crashing and then it cracked the walls in my house.”

Smith, who was home with her mother and two children, said a tree smashed through the roof and water started pouring into the house. “It was horrible,” she said. The North Texas mother said trees hit her house from nearly every direction.

Storm investigators said the storm tore a path along Ennis Avenue and stretched for 2 ½ miles. The National Weather Service has classified the tornado as an EF1, with winds up to 90 miles per hour.

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As of Thursday afternoon, officials in Ennis said 25 residential structures and 40 commercial buildings were severely damaged. That property damage included structures in the downtown historic area.

There were no deaths in Ennis. Only one injury, from flying glass, was reported.

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