DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Dallas Schools Superintendent Mike Miles continues to face criticism over the principal evaluation process that could remove campus administrators from their jobs.

At the same time, Miles himself is subject to a performance evaluation by the Board of Education.

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But trustees have delayed the evaluation, bypassing a contractual deadline of May 15.

“We agreed to move the performance part of the evaluation to July 15,” Board President Lew Blackburn said Friday.

The delay, according to Blackburn, is tied to student achievement data not yet compiled.

But that extra window for the evaluation also gives Miles time at acquire something he doesn’t have: State Superintendent Certification.

When Miles signed his DISD contract, he agreed to comply with state law and obtain Superintendent Certification from the Texas Board of Educator Certification.

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A year has passed since Miles signed the contract for the DISD job, but officials with the Texas Education Agency say Miles is not listed as a certificate holder.

“My understanding is, he doesn’t have it.  We gave him six months to get a probationary certificate. That didn’t happen,” according to Blackburn.

Not only would Miles be removed as Schools Chief without the state certification, he stands to lose potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in incentive pay without high appraisal in his job evaluation from Trustees.

According to Miles’ signed contract with DISD,  he could receive up to $75,000 in extra compensation with a strong job evaluation rating.  Another $125,000 could be given to Miles, based on student achievement and student graduation rates.

Miles did not respond to CBS 11 News inquiries regarding the job evaluation issue today.  Sources say he is working to complete the State Certification process.

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