DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Americans held there collective breaths Saturday night, hoping they had the winning ticket in a $600 million dollar Powerball drawing. The buying pace was furious. Texans alone spent more than $26 million dollars on Powerball chances on Saturday — some $2 million an hour.

Here are the winning numbers: 22-10-13-14-52  | Powerball number 11

“I had a dream that I won. So now I’m going to play to win,” R.L. Horton told CBS 11 News while shopping at Fuel City Dallas.

Most of us know it’s a pipe dream … still, what would we do with $600 million dollars? “I’d be a blessing to someone in my family, hopefully my kids, my church home, maybe take a couple of trips, buy a house and car” said Darian Powell, adding, “Especially take care of Mom!”

Igor Smiljcic bought 15 tickets. “$600million?” he asked. “Buy half of Dallas, maybe?”

But the odds of winning are $175 million to one. The downside, says licensed clinical therapist Melody Brooke, is that many poor people spend too much on trying to hit the big one.

“They’re the ones that most desire to get out of their financial circumstances so they’re more driven to do that when they feel helpless to do anything else.” But when a big payday comes along, many of us join in, and Brooke says that’s natural. “It’s a funny thing, I think we all have an inner gambler that wants to come out now and then. Something like that is irresistible.”

So, hopefuls play, some for the first time, like Rudy Barron. “My wife always picks numbers and she never plays them and sometimes they come up so I’m thinking I should try to go ahead and play it.”

Chad Bartlett is a first timer, too. “One ticket is better than no ticket; the odds go up a whole lot with that first ticket.”

Larce Hodge, a friend of Horton’s has his own system. “Normally pick and hope, that’s about it,” he says, but Horton interrupts him saying, “You know what I do? I’ve got all the numbers in a jar, I put put a top on it — I shake them up and the ones that come out that’s the ones I put on my ticket.”

And he says he’s won $2900 that way in other lotteries.

Powerball operators say it’s likely every possible combination has been bought somewhere but there isn’t a winner tonight, Wednesday’s pot could approach a billion dollars.

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