By Jason Allen

MOORE (CBSDFW.COM) – It was hard to process Tom Lord said. He left for work with his home in Moore, Okla. in perfectly livable condition Monday, and returned to find it torn apart. Lord though, has the rare opportunity, to watch and replay exactly how it happened.

His home is at the center of a viral internet video, shot by his neighbor across the street. From the propped open door of a storm shelter, the video shows the tornado spinning above the neighborhood, and Lord’s home, for two minutes. His windows blow out, trees snap, and roof comes apart. It was one thing to know he had damage from listening to weather reports that day he said. It was another to actually watch it happen later.

“The one thing that caught me the most, was how slow this tornado was,” he said. “It was just churning and churning. You can see in the video itself. It seems like it just went on. I talked to some folks there they said it just went on forever.”
Lord, who grew up in Denton, said his family would have been in that same shelter if they would have been home.

One member of his family, his 18-year-old dog, was home. Lord didn’t expect to see him again, but when they finally made it back, the dog was in the backyard, like nothing ever happened. “I can’t believe that little dog, rode through an f5,” he said. “He’s a tough old dog, he really is.”

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