DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) — A judge has denied the Dallas County District Attorney’s motion to have Josh Brent’s bond revoked, finding that the Dallas Cowboys lineman is not in serious violation of the terms of his bail.

Brent, set for a September trial on intoxication manslaughter charges stemming from an accident that resulted in the death of friend and teammate Jerry Brown, spent Friday morning in a hearing to answer questions regarding his SCRAM device, his attendance of bond meetings and his attention to the detail of required paperwork.

Brent’s position is that he has not consumed alcohol; doing so would be a violation. The SCRAM device can pick up “environmental alcohol content’’ — that is, traces of alcohol that could be from lotion, gasoline, cleaning products or another person. In the hearing, the SCRAM supervisor said “there’s nothing” in the monitoring results to prove Brent consumed alcohol. The DA’s office also alleged Brent “tampered’’ with the device. No evidence of that was discovered.

The only major changes made as a result of the hearing: Brent, 25, will now wear an additional monitor that randomly takes photographs of him and his whereabouts, and he is required to be home by 3 a.m.

The Cowboys continue to maintain a locker for Brent at their Valley Ranch facility.

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