By Tracy Kornet


FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Are you over 40 and feel like your body is falling apart, so much so it hurts to work out?

It could be that you’re exercising incorrectly.

At S2S Functional Performance in Argyle, North Texans are re-learning how to workout, pain-free, to stay healthy for life.

Cases in point: 42-year-old Jennifer Jobe of Argyle and 55-year-old Jeff Amano of Denton.

“I was a broken Pinnochio,” laughed Amano. “Things started falling apart after I turned 50.”

Jobe injured her vertebrae during pregnancy, making simply walking a major endeavor for the mother of two. And decades of martial arts wreaked havoc on Amano’s torn shoulder and ACL.

Neither thought their broken bodies would ever feel healthy again–until they tried the part physical therapy–part wellness training at the rehab facility and pilates studio in Bartonville, Texas.

It’s a combination they believe repaired their bodies almost overnight.

“Now I’m doing planks, swinging from side to side, doing a pushup. I just feel great,” explained Jobe.

Jobe says within weeks of the Stott Pilates workouts, her lower back was back.

Although she admits the slow, controlled movements, instead of high cardio/high impact gym workouts, took some getting used to.

“I felt like I should be doing more and harder exercise. But it’s so simple. It’s all these little exercises that are just building. A month later, I was just starting to feel fantastic.”

S2S Functional Performance founder Meredith Tittle says the emphasis on proper form and function makes all the difference.

“Functional training is taking what you do every do and putting in a controlled environment,” Tittle explained. “It’s gonna help your body feel youthful for years to come. It’s going to help maintain your joint integrity, which is your joint health.”

“When your body feels good, it doesn’t feel it’s aging as fast.”

The physical therapist of 11 years and orthopedic specialist requires a one-on-one private session before you ever join a group class–which is never larger than 6 people.

“You can maintain your muscle mass as u age, and these are great methods to help you do so safely. So you’re not gonna end up with knee or shoulder injuries that keep you from exercising altogether.”

And that’s something Jeff Amano at 55 is counting on, to stay healthy for life.

“It feels like I can still do what I was doing 30 years ago.”

S2s recently added a class just for seniors.

Click here for more information on the S2S Functional Performance studio, or contact them at 2652 FM 407, Ste 115, Bartonville, TX 76226, (940) 241-1215.

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