I never get tired of hearing it. The one-liner from the “Rocky” films is so often used. Recently, someone asked how many times I’ve been called that. “Since sixth grade?” I replied. “At least 10,000 times, but I encourage it!”

It’s a quick conversation starter — and it instantly resonates with people of all ages. Now, the conversation was moving to the national stage and CBS’ “The Talk.” It was only fitting that the daily cheer — a go get em’ chant used to start the day for the cast and crew went something like this…

“Jon and Kate are no longer exes — we’ve got Yo Adrienne! from Dallas, Texas!”

Keep in mind, the Jon and Kate reference was to a pair of celebrities who were dating — but I tuned that part out. I really felt like I belonged with the ladies of “The Talk” (Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, Sara Gilbert and Sheryl Underwood) when the entire room loudly resounded in that familiar Stallone movie quote.

After weeks of anticipation, I was there — at the soundstage in Studio City, California. It was one of the best times on TV I’ve had as I learned the ins and outs of planned spontaneity. I watched the crew rehearse and was walked through every scene. Two meetings, dozens of people, and lots of lashes gave me everything I needed to feel prepared for this moment.

The day I filled in, I sat in Sharon Osbourne’s chair, the woman whose name has become synonymous with her rocker husband, and yet, who has made a name of her own between the music world, hosting, and reality TV. Thankfully, they told me to fill her seat, not her shoes.

Makeup? Check. Hair? Check. They like my outfit (thank God) and I’m not the only one with orange nail polish. All good signs. Every person, from the producers to George Lopez himself, treated me kindly. Sara was so calm and steady. Julie was FUNNY. Aisha was smart. Sheryl was warm and welcoming.

There is a feeling so many of us agonize over — regret. What should I, could I, or would I have done differently? I have absolutely no regrets; everything about the trip was wonderfully awesome!!! Turns out, the best advice they can give in my business, or any business, is “be yourself,” enjoy the journey and do wear amazing shoes; they are a great conversation starter.

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