By Jeff Ray

“Summer-similar” is in full swing, this is the time of year when the weather pattern starts holds overhead and we witness the same weather day in and day out. For the last four days in a row there’s been an absence of rain, a brisk south wind and an afternoon high at DFW of exactly 95°. Tomorrow we expect  the same but Monday will  likely end up to the coolest day this work week:


We have avoided any 100° highs so far this year. But a typical summer weather pattern shows up at the end of the week; an upper level high pressure dome over the four corner’s area:

500mb Energy EURO1

This weather pattern can easily produce 100 degree weather for north Texas. It brings in slightly drier air and produces less surface winds. This is usually all we need to bump up the temperatures to the triple-digit range. We should ramp up the temperatures every day till we hit that mark on Friday (and next weekend):

Temp Trend

By Friday we would have gone 294 days since the last 100° day at DFW airport.

This weather pattern also produces dry weather. It’ll show you the long-range forecast on rain chances for next Saturday afternoon: no rain over Texas. The forecast model looks the same from now until next Sunday. Similar weather days in the hot and dry season of north Texas.

Heat Wave Central Plains