SAGINAW (CBS 11 NEWS) – FBI evidence teams have spent the day scouring the home of the little girl, who was found dead in a Saginaw neighborhood.  The girl’s body was found naked, bound and covered by a tarp, in a quiet neighborhood a couple of miles away from her home.

Two teenaged cousins playing outside made the grisly discovery when they noticed the tarp covering a bag and lying in the street.

“I came out here just having some fun with my cousin, and then opened a bag and there was a little girl in there I didn’t even know,” said John Smith.

At about 7 p.m. Monday, Smith and his young cousin found the nude body of an unidentified 5 or 6-year old girl.  Smith says he saw her hands and feet were bound, and her head was wrapped in a plastic shopping bag.

Police say two hours later they received a missing child report from a family who lives a couple of miles away.

Tuesday, the FBI and Texas Rangers brought in piles of forensic testing materials and began searching the parent’s house.  Police say they believe the girl may have been abducted from the home.

Investigators say they don’t have a suspect, but they were searching for a red pick up with a green softball-sized spot on the passenger side.

The murder has stunned an otherwise quiet neighborhood and scarred the young men who found the body.

Smith says, “It’s always going to be on my mind. Every time I close my eyes, I can just picture the body over and over.”

By mid-day, people had built a large, makeshift memorial of stuffed animals and flowers at the site where the body was found.

Saginaw police have set up two tip lines for this case. If you know anything that can help, call (682) 888-3682 or (682) 888-3684.