SAGINAW (CBS 11 NEWS) – The FBI has expanded its search for Alanna Gallagher’s killer.

Digital billboards started popping up Wednesday afternoon around Dallas and Fort Worth.

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The FBI is hoping for any new leads in the murder of the Saginaw 6-year-old.

Her body was discovered nine days ago.

Witnesses have said her body was bound and wrapped in a tarp.

Investigators seized more than 100 items from her family’s home including duct tape, belts and restraints.

Saginaw murder billboard

Saginaw Police Chief Roger Macon says not to read too much into that since many people have those items in their homes.

“It was as much the goal of the search team to retrieve items to exclude the parents as suspects, as much as it was to collect items we would consider evidentiary in value,” says Chief Macon.

He also says this is one of the most complicated cases he’s ever seen in his more than 32 years as a police officer.

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He says, “Methodical examination of trace evidence by the medical examiner’s office has the forensic side of this investigation moving at a snail’s pace, which is very frustrating to everyone concerned.”

Chief Macon also says it’s better stated to say Alanna’s parents aren’t considered “prime” suspects.

He says everyone is a suspect until eliminated and to the best of his knowledge, no one has been totally excluded.

“I know that the odds are high that it’s a family member in this sort of situation. I can tell you that anyone that knows our family would know better,” said Miles McDaniel as he was leaving the police department Tuesday night.

McDaniel is Alanna’s biological father.

He says he along with Karl and Laura Gallagher co-parented the kindergartner.

He says they like everyone else want answers, ” I want to know who did this. I want justice,” said McDaniel.

Alanna’s funeral is Thursday, July 11 at 11:00 a.m. at Calvary Lutheran Church in Richland Hills.

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