Kelly Crayton is the clinical supervisor and educator for Baylor University Medical Center. She speaks out on the importance of the medical field here in Dallas, Texas.

Clinical Supervisor Kelly Crayton (photo courtesy of Kelly Crayton)

Clinical Supervisor Kelly Crayton (photo courtesy of Kelly Crayton)

Where do you work and what is your position?

“I am currently employed at Baylor University Medical Center Dallas as a clinical supervisor [and] educator on the women’s health unit. I currently have a bachelor of science of nursing and am enrolled in graduate school for my master of science in nursing, nursing administration. I have a certification in in-patient obstetrics as well. A bachelor of science degree is typically required for the position I hold.”

What has been most helpful about your education?

“My education has provided a foundation for my continued learning, teaching and mentoring of future nurses and health care providers. In my role as an educator, I have the opportunity to attend many educational offerings and to provide this information to the staff. I also have the opportunity to provide assistance with nursing students as they complete their clinical rotations on our unit.”

How do you think being a health care professional in Dallas is unique from working in any other city?

“Dallas offers many opportunities in the medical field as well as other professions. If someone is looking into pursuing a medical career or attending nursing school, Dallas offers many different options from community colleges to universities. Those desiring to specialize in a particular field have a vast amount of choices from a dedicated pediatric hospital to our own state-of-the-art oncology hospital and research center here at Baylor Dallas. Baylor Dallas is a teaching facility, so we have all the benefits of multiple residencies for physicians, internships and clinical rotations for nurses and other allied health care professionals, externships for nurses and volunteer programs for high school students.”

Do you have any advice for someone interested in working in the health care field?

“Professionally, I would encourage anyone interested in a health care profession to seek out educational opportunities. Many community colleges offer online and classroom settings for prerequisites for entry into nursing, or allied health programs. My best personal advice to someone interested in working in the health care field would be to follow their heart. Health care is ever changing and presents many challenges, but the rewards outweigh any of the obstacles. The ability to touch the lives of others in their time of need is a nurse’s way to reach out and touch the world. Sometimes it’s a touch of someone’s hand, a hug or just a smile that can lead a patient to the road of recovery.”

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