NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The high summer temperatures are causing many cars to break down across the metroplex. It’s a dangerous side effect for drivers, many of whom find themselves stranded dangerously on the side of the road.

Their car’s cooling systems are straining to keep engines from over heating. Experts caution drivers to keep an eye on their temperature gauges. As soon as it indicates the engine is running hotter than normal they should stop and have their cooling system checked.

“The biggest problem may be not anticipating a problem in the cooling system,” according to mechanic Wayne Goller. “What we see a lot is when there’s a failure people continue to drive their car until it does serious engine damage.”

Fixing a blown engine costs more than maintaining a cooling system, which can cost from $1500-$2500 or more to repair.

Goller recommends keeping tires properly inflated and balanced to improve gas mileage.

“It can be a safety issue too. Because if you run them low its going to run hot and you’re more prone to a blow out than if you keep the pressure,” said Goller.

Proper maintenance rally is the best prevention against heat-induced car problems. Everything from hoses, belts and transmission suffers more stress when temperatures climb past the century mark.

Staying on top of oil changes is yet another simple, cost-effective way to prevent mechanical break downs.

“Regular oil changes are probably the best thing you can do at a reputable place because they’re going to have the hood open and keep an eye on things,” said Goller.

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