NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – It’s been a busy summer for those in the bee business.

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“This is one of our favorite years,” Harold Wright, owner of Bee Safe Bee & Wasp Removal, said excitedly. “This is a year that we’ve had more business than we’ve had in our last 20 years.”

The company sent out a worker to check on a hive in University Park Monday afternoon. Wright made a preliminary assessment. “From the way it looks like now about a thousand. They are starting to swarm my face.”

Upon closer inspection it turned out there were closer to 15,000 bees in that swarm and Wright says that’s pretty typical. The beekeeper said he’s noticed a 40-percent uptick in business just this summer. In his expert opinion — it has everything to do with the weather. “We had a nice warm winter which means bees have more time to make more honey;  make more bees to survive whatever winter we are going to have, which was pretty mild,” says Wright.

Sunday a swarm of bees in Fort Worth stung eight people at a home on Galvez Avenue, near Beach Street.

An elderly man who lived in the home was stung more than 100 times. According to the expert who removed those bees, the swarm at the house had about 8,000 bees. It’s believed someone using a lawn mower made the bees turn aggressive.

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A swarm of 30,000 bees attacked a Pantego woman three weeks ago. She was stung at least 200 times, but survived. He animals didn’t fair as well. Two of her horses were stung so many times they died.

Wright says if the bees aren’t agitated by people then they’ll usually stay away, but before you take on a hive yourself think twice. “If you want to pick up a rattlesnake by yourself that’s your choice,” he said. “Doing it yourself, without the knowledge, without the right chemicals, I would advise not to do it.”

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