By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

Once in a Blue Moon happens tonight in North Texas.  Tonight’s full moon is considered a Blue Moon!

You may say, I thought a blue moon was the second full moon of the same month.  You would be correct.  But the traditional definition of a Blue Moon is a little more complex.

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The original definition of a Blue Moon is the third full moon when there are four full moons in a season.  Follow me?

So in a season that has four full moons, the third full moon of that season is named a Blue Moon.  This summer we will have four full moons before autumn begins.

The moon, obviously, won’t be blue.  But it will be a pretty sight tonight.  Moonrise at 7:42pm this evening.

BlueMoonTraditional Definition

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Here are the dates of the full moons this summer.

BlueMoonTraditional Definition1


Please send me a picture of the full moon tonight and I’ll show some on the 10pm news.

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Or tweet me a picture.  or @CBS11Larry