William Gomez (credit: Carrollton Police Department)

William Gomez (credit: Carrollton Police Department)

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CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Carrollton have learned more have learned more about a grandfather and his two grandchildren who all have been missing for more than a day.

Late Monday evening authorities confirmed that William Gomez was seen on surveillance video at a Sears department store in Paducha, Kentucky.  Mr. Gomez has his grandchildren with him.

Watching video from the store police also saw that the 57-year-old purchased underwear for the kids and asked for directions back to Dallas.

Dominique Gomez (credit: Carrollton Police Department)

Dominique Gomez (credit: Carrollton Police Department)

Marcus Gomez (credit: Carrollton Police Department)

Marcus Gomez (credit: Carrollton Police Department)

Police believe Gomez, along with his grandchildren Marcus and Dominique, may still be hundreds of miles away. Late Monday afternoon, police received an alert that Gomez’s bank card was used in Troy, Tennessee. Early Monday morning, the same card was used in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Since the disappearance, Gomez’s bank card was first used at a gas station in Como, off Interstate-30 in East Texas near Sulphur Springs. Police say that station did not have cameras.

While they don’t suspect foul play, police are anxious to find the family. They have notified police in Arkansas and Tennessee, as well as Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. Police say they do not know where Gomez may be headed. “It seems like he’s just driving,” said Nicole Rodriguez from the Carrollton Police Department.

Family members say they are praying and staying close to the phone. Maria Gomez said she thought her husband was the children to the park just down the street from the family’s home. As hours passed and he didn’t return, she grew more and more worried.

“He stays home most of the time,” said Maria Gomez. She says he has a medical condition that periodically affects his memory.

“He had a tumor 10 or 12 years ago, and that’s the cause of his buildup of the fluid in his brain. And once in a while he gets like this. Most of the time, he’s okay.”

Gomez, with his 8- and 7-year old grandchildren are in the family’s white Jeep. Highway signs asked motorists to join in the search and many say they are doing just that.

“We’ll see the billboards and we’ll be driving down the highway looking around for those cars. Yeah, they definitely help,” said motorist Joanna Chabot.

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