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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – All movie reviews — even universally accepted ones — are just opinions. And the great thing about opinions is that everybody has one. Film watchers can certainly get emotional about their favorite (and least favorite) flicks, and when another person has a differing opinion, the sparks can fly.

KRLD movie critic Julie Fisk regularly joins CBS 11 News to talk about each week’s new offerings at the box office. Last week, Fisk shared her thoughts on the Ron Howard race car feature “Rush,” starring Chris Hemsworth of “Thor” fame. She called it “fast-paced and sexy” and “an excellent movie.” Fisk gave “Rush” an ‘A’ grade.

Watch Julie Fisk’s “Rush” Review:

Based on Fisk’s glowing review, CBS 11 News anchor Tracy Kornet — who interviews Fisk during her weekly segments — decided to check out “Rush” at the movie theater. Boy, was she disappointed, and she called up Fisk, who also co-hosts the weekday morning show on 103.7 KVIL FM, on Thursday morning to let her know.

“I am such the nice girl, but when there is just a movie as bad as that one, I have to change my position,” Kornet said. “I have to save people money and I have to dial back the expectations for all the women out there who thought they’d be watching an entertaining film.”

Fisk defended her review. “‘Rush’ is such a good movie,” she said. “What are you talking about?”

“I normally am not that opinionated about most things,” Kornet then added, “but when you’re spending $21 or whatever it is to go out to a movie now with your spouse or your girlfriends, I just think it needs to really be worth it.”

Fisk noted that movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has “Rush” with an 88 percent fresh rating, implying that most film critics across the nation agree with her positive stance.

Hear The Entire Phone Call:

The two women punched back and forth over the film for a few minutes, but did kiss and make up by the end of the phone call. “I just have to just compliment you,” Kornet said. “You are so wonderful on air.”

“Even though your reviews suck,” interjected radio show co-host Tony Zazza. “I trust Tracy.”

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