DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A pair of male puppies were rescued from a storm drain after the creative efforts of employees of Dallas Animal Services.

Neighbors heard cries coming from a storm drain in Pleasant Grove and called for help.

A mother and her two newborn pups were about 13 feet inside a 20 foot storm drain, too far inside for crews to reach them with their traditional equipment.

“We’re talking about newborns so you can’t call them. They are not going to come to you. They don’t even have their eyes open and mommy was being very protective,” said Daynara Castillo, an employee with Dallas Animal Services.

Crews had their work cut out for them. They could barely see the pups and had to rely on their cries to locate them but leaving them there was not option.

“They probably would have starved or if it would have rained, and the way the drain was set, they would have definitely drowned,” said Jerry Chandler, an employee with Dallas Animal Services.

All it took was two hours and a little improvisation.

Crews extended their poles with makeshift equipment and household items.

‪”She thought of the idea of cutting holes into the bowl and putting it on the end of the rod and we got the end in there we pulled the small pups out,” Chandler said. “Sometimes we have to make do with what we have at the time.”

The two male puppies and their mother were checked out by a veterinarian and are in good condition.

‪”It felt great because the dogs were saved and, to me, it wouldn’t be on my conscience,” Chandler said.

For these employees, it was all in a days work.

The mom and pups will be available for adoption in 6 to 8 weeks.

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