NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Most of us would rather not dole out cash to insure our cars and homes, not necessarily for something that doesn’t even exist.

Regardless of the assets you treasure you’d surely work to protect them, right? Well, now there’s a thriving industry dedicated to the sale of insurance — for fantasy football players and the concept is not as odd as you might think.

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In addition to a ton of time, fantasy football players can invest a lot of cash. League entry fees can be free but many can run into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Win your league and you get the cash. Lose and you get nothing. Pin your hopes on one outstanding quarterback and all is takes is one injury and your season is toast.

Fantasy football league player Jim Modrycki knows the scenarios all too well. He and his friends have been playing in their league for 13 years. He’s even won the league twice.

But ask him about one particular season a few years back and you can still sense Modrycki’s lingering frustration. “My top pick, Tom Brady for the New England Patriots, had a season ending injury in the first quarter of the first game and my season just fell off the shelf at that point.”

Henry Olszewski had a similar experience; only he was in a position to do something about it. “We said, ‘oh it’s too bad there’s not an insurance product to cover this’ and I said, ‘no, there isn’t, but maybe there could be.’”

The aha moment led to the company Fantasy Sports Insurance being born.

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Only a certain list of players is eligible to be insured. You pay a premium, often based on your league entry fee, and if your guy is injured and out a certain number of games, you get a payoff.

Olszewski says since its founding his business has taken off because, “We do have clients who invest thousands of dollars in their fantasy leagues.”

If you’re already spending thousands, what’s a bit more to protect your investment? The logic appealed to Modrycki so he decided to insure his players through another company called Fantasy Player Protect.

Modrycki said paying the ‘premium’ is worth a little peace of mind. “Like any insurance… it is protection for the unexpected. But you hope to never have to really cash in on it.”

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