By Robbie Owens

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – The pooch now known as ‘Stormy’ seems none the worse for wear after spending several days stuck in a Dallas storm drain.  After getting some much needed ‘tender-loving-care’ at the Dallas Animal Shelter, the consensus seems to be that falling in the drain may have been the best thing to happen to the light brown stray.

“Everyone seems to want to adopt Stormy,” says Cate McManus, operations manager for Dallas Animal Services.  “We won’t have any trouble finding him a fabulous home for the holidays.”

In fact, even before the pup was pulled from the storm drain off Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas on Monday, his saga was lighting up social media.  Adoption offers began pouring in from all across the country.  So, to be fair, city staffers have set up a ‘lotto’ of sorts to determine who will get to take him home.

“We’re asking people to come at noon on Sunday when we open,” says McManus.  A name will be drawn from those that show up in person.  The city staffers who work in the Trinity Watershed that helped to rescue the puppy are being invited to pull the winning name.  But, shelter staffers insist that everyone can still come away a winner-especially the hundreds of other animals also in need of good homes.

“Right now, we’ve been taking in 80-100 animals a day.  And that number usually increases during the holidays as people go out of town and realize they can’t take care of their pets.”

Among those needing homes are at three puppies believed to be Stormy’s siblings.  A neighbor located them and brought them to the shelter.  Animal services workers  set a trap to catch the parents of the litter.  After a good grooming and shots, they’ll all need homes.

“Stormy, fortunately, is very social and very people oriented, which is great,” says McManus, “because he’s going to be a great pet.  But, I think in the next few days we’re going to  focus on his litter mates and try to bring them out of their shell.”

Jesse Chavez came to the shelter looking for a pet and is doubly pleased that he’s rescuing one in the process, as he tucked a brown Chihuahua under his arm.

“I wish more people would do that, too,” says Chavez.  “This is a good place to find an animal.”

Teacher Lynda Roth first heard the pup’s cries and called animal services.  She says the outcome has been “wonderful.”

“In the neighborhood where I teach, hope is sometimes hard to come by,” says Roth.  “For the kids, this has been a real ‘teachable moment.’  One 6-year-old told me ‘This is the best Thanksgiving ever.’  That’s pretty cool.”

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