FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Selecting a wine is not always as easy as choosing beer. It can be intimidating, “I was never uncomfortable buying liqueur or a drink. But when it got to buying wine. I would get that little angst in my stomach,” says Amy Durant – a wine novice turned wine enthusiast.

Now she’s trying out different wines and she’s doing it on the cheap. How did she get from a wine amateur to a wine connoisseur?

“We found out that the wines that maybe weren’t as expensive were still really good. So were started trying different wines and found some that we really liked. So we could drink more wines that were less expensive,” says Durant.

That may be the key to the wine conundrum says Jeff Siegel in his book “The Wine Curmudgeon.”

“When you start out, all you’re looking for is taste, if you like it it’s a good wine, if you don’t, you don’t even have to finish drinking it. You can pour it down the sink,” says Siegel.

And, if you’re getting it for cheap, it won’t bother you as much.

Siegel says people should think of drinking and choosing wine as you would for any other beverage. He advises people to ask a few questions after that first sip. “Did you like it? What did you like about it? And, did you get your money’s worth from it?”

If you’re worried that you’re not tasting that oakey, berry or vanilla flavor in your wines, Durant says it comes with drinking different types of wine. It’s a cultivated habit.

But the Wine Curmudgeon says it’s not important, “If you can’t taste oak or boysenberry or raw-hide tobacco, don’t worry about it”

Bottom line, there are many cheap wines out there for you to find.

“The less expensive the wine the more you can experiment.” says Durant.

The Wine Curmudgeon says there are a lot of good wines under 15 bucks on his website. Here are some of his favorites:

1. Cava, the Spanish sparkling wine, almost all $10 – Segura Viudas and Dibon

2. White blends from Gascony in France, including Domaine du Tariquet, around $10

3. Sicilian white and red blends, including Cusuamo and Feudo Arancia, around $10

4. Bogle and McManis, two California producers available at any grocery store, around $10

5. McPherson Tre Colore, a Texas red blend, about $10


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