(credit: PATRICK BILLARD/AFP/Getty Images)

(credit: PATRICK BILLARD/AFP/Getty Images)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Drivers in the DFW area still found themselves slipping and sliding on the roads Monday, after storms covered North Texas with ice over the weekend. But on Tuesday morning, it looks to be a different story.

Most of the ice has melted in the Dallas area. Fewer cars are spinning out and getting stalled.

However, there are still several icy patches in places that drivers might expect to be cleared by now. For example, Royal Lane, just east of Central Expressway, is a very busy area during the morning and afternoon rush hour. And a lot of traffic has come through this spot since the storm blew past. But there is still ice on an overpass which crosses the DART line.

A little further east, in Lake Highlands, there are many tree limbs still littering the ground. The area was hit hard by power outages as the storm struck DFW. Oncor has since restore most of the electricity in North Texas, but crews have not finished removing the storm debris.

Roads are also getting more crowded. Many DFW residents have not left their homes since the ice storm passed. But on Tuesday, a lot of school districts are opening up again and workers are returning to their jobs. This is leading to more regular traffic congestion and more potential for collisions.

Drivers should not get overly confident. Roads are still dangerous in some places — particularly on bridges and overpasses — and it is wise for motorists to continue exercising extreme caution until the ice and debris has been cleared.

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