GRAND PRAIRIE (CBSDFW.COM) – Thanks to the ice storm, auto repair shops expect to be busy for months. As the ice is starting to melt from North Texas roads, repair shops are just now starting to fix all the cars damaged during the storm.

Last Friday, Cory Banks was stuck on the side of the road in Dallas for three hours.

“I had to take my wife to work. She can’t drive in this weather, so I was driving her to work,” said Banks.

The frigid temps did a number on his battery. After getting a jump start, he was finally on his way.

But Banks was by no means alone, according to AAA. In fact, they responded to more than 4,000 calls from Friday to Monday afternoon. Most calls ranged from drivers being stuck on ice, stalled vehicles and dead batteries.

Some of those who had to get towed, ended up at King Service Collision in Grand Prairie – and the calls keep coming in.

“You got ice falling off multistory buildings taking off roofs, windshields back glasses. It’s created a greater impact than normal,” said Jeff McFadden, president of King Service Collision. McFadden says the storm will keep him busy for the next 6 months.

“Lets hope we don’t have a hail storm because we will still be busy with this ice storm still,” he said.

Keep an eye out suggests McFadden. It won’t be long before you start spotting the potholes left behind after several freeze and thaw cycles and they can work over your vehicle too. All that bumpy ice can throw off your alignment. If your car seems to drift, your steering wheel vibrates or your tires start to wear unevenly, those are indications you need a new alignment.

Before the next storm, make sure the treads on your tire go all the way across, which can help you stay on the road and avoid an accident.

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