FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Schoolyard fights are nothing new. While most last just seconds they can now live forever online.

A Facebook page called “Fort Worth Fights,” was created last year and spotlights fight after fight taking place at different Fort Worth ISD schools.

People, presumably students, have posted video of the fights — most of which appear to have taken place during school hours.

In every one of the posts the names of the students involved are also included.

“It is inappropriate behavior in our school,” said Clint Bond, a Fort Worth ISD spokesman.

School district officials said they are aware of these types of videos on YouTube, but didn’t know about the Facebook page until now.

“We can use these videos to identify the participants and take appropriate action,” Bond said, adding, “In some of the older videos that are posted we have been able to identify who the students are and appropriate action has been taken.”

Many students say the videos send a bad message. “That’s wrong,” said Paschal High School senior Rodrigo Garcia. “They shouldn’t be doing that. You come to school to study, to make a future.”

Parents have concerns too.

Kerry Pipes worries about the safety of his two daughters while they’re in high school. “It’s a shame that the kids are doing this kind of stuff,” he said. “I think we all have to be concerned in this day and age about our kids.”

Fort Worth ISD officials say while they can ask for the Facebook page to be taken down, having it happen is often easier said than done.

“We can and often we don’t get a response if something is really inappropriate – sexual content or something like that then they are more apt to respond,” explained Bond.

The district has created a program to deal with social media concerns and other behavioral problems. It’s called “It’s Not Okay” and teaches students about bad behavior — like what’s on the fight videos.

The program encourages students to report incidents immediately and even offers an option to do it anonymously.

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