Dr. Jennifer Parvin consults with school districts to create leadership pipelines at all levels from teachers to assistant/associate principals to principals and above. Her company, Parvin Education Consulting and Leadership Coaching, does everything from developing effective meetings to building relationships with teachers.

(Photo courtesy of Dr. Jennifer Parvin)

(Photo courtesy of Dr. Jennifer Parvin)

She created connections for a Professional Development Appraisal System (PDAS) Expert for Administrator Training by providing online content for educators, facilitating strategic planning and offering coaching for leadership effectiveness. Parvin received B.A. in English and History from West Texas A & M, an M.A. in English from University of Dallas, an M.S. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from University of Texas at Arlington and a Ph.D. Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from University of Texas at Arlington.

What has earning a master’s degree done for you?

“I would not have been able to teach at the community college level without a Master’s degree.”

Why did you go back to earn a second master’s degree?

“I also wanted to focus on improving myself so that I could become a department chair within the Dallas Independent School District. By virtue of being in that leadership role, I decided that I wanted to become a principal. That required that I earn a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.”

What would you tell someone considering returning to school?

“I understand that returning to school is an expense, but there is a quick return on your investment through increased salary and job opportunities. There are so many opportunities through online universities to obtain your education that can afford you flexibility to continue to work and handle family responsibilities.”

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