NAVARRO COUNTY (CBS 11 NEWS) – The family of Bill Livezey, 70, still wants answers seven weeks after what witnesses describe as a road rage incident in Navarro County, far away from Livezey’s home in Iowa.

Sheriffs department records the CBS-11 I-Team obtained list Ernesto Fierro, an off-duty police officer from the city of Malakoff in Henderson County, as the suspect in the reckless driving case.

The Texas Rangers have been investigating ever since.

B.J. Wolfe says he and his dad saw some of it while driving along Highway 31 in Kerens near Corsicana before 7am December 11th. “He was trying to push the guy off the road. I didn’t know what he was going to do because he wasn’t being a very good motorcycle rider, and after we found out he was a cop, we saw he wasn’t being a very good cop that day either.”

Wolfe says he saw Livezey pull over to the side of the road, and that Fierro followed him. “He was wearing an all black suit and a face helmet.” When asked if he could see the officer’s face, Wolfe said, “No.” You could hear the cop on the motorcycle hollering over my dad’s truck and over the cars around us.”

Witnesses and Livezey called 911.

Sheriffs deputies say he was handcuffed when they arrived.

When Livezey complained he wasn’t feeling well, deputies called for an ambulance.

Livezey died at a hospital.

An autopsy we obtained shows Livezey had a history of heart disease, but doesn’t mention if stress from the incident played a role in his death.

The Texas Rangers have now completed their investigative report, and have handed it over to the Navarro County District Attorney, who tells me they will review the case and decide whether to present it to a grand jury next month.

We have called the Malakoff Police Chief, but he hasn’t returned our call.

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