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NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – While most football fans were thinking the Super Bowl will feature two teams playing at their highest level, many made another connection between Seattle and Denver.

“You have two teams, the first two states in the union to legalize marijuana, and they’re playing in the super bowl,” John King, South Texas entrepreneur and brother of CBS 11 anchor Karen Borta said. “I mean, you can’t make that up!”

A lot of entrepreneur’s were high on the idea of cashing in on the fact.  That was the beginning of #stonerbowl.

“That hash tag really blew up,” Kind said.  “So we started following people who had that hash tag.  And those people started following us”

It sparked a rush of business and political rhetoric.

In New Jersey there are billboards promoting marijuana legalization and taking a poke at recent controversies in the NFL regarding concussions.  One of their billboards has a picture of a face down man holding a liquor bottle and a football player on his back.  The caption is, “Marijuana: Safer than alcohol…and football.”

Legal marijuana dealers in Washington and Colorado began trying to cash in with special blends of marijuana named for players and marijuana paraphernalia splashed with team logos.

Others immediately went to the web and began hawking t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers.

In Texas, King had a website with t-shirt designs within hours of the final playoff game and it was immediately smoking hot.  King says he’s had sales across the United States, including Hawaii.  Of course, the shirts are laced with marijuana humor.

Above a caricature of Peyton Manning is written, “Omahahahahaha”.

“Needed no explanation, obviously for those who are familiar with football,” King said.

Those shirts sold out almost immediately. Another reads: “Stoner Bowl…Pass, Pass Puff.”

King says when demand for shirts exceeded supply his clientele were, like, cool with it.

“I would tell them, ‘We’re out of your size, would you mind if we did this with it?’,”  King laughed.  “And they would say, ‘Hey, dude.  No problem!’  Just not a care in the world.  So, I kind of did the stereotype and guessed they were stoners.”

Ironically, King swears he never touches the stuff and relied on friends and Google searches to come up with some the drug references.

But King and other entrepreneurs just can’t resist cashing in on the buzz surround the Stoner Bowl.

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