Update: 3/14 5 p.m.: Allen’s 2014 High School graduation ceremony, previously scheduled to be held at Eagle Stadium, will be held at the American Airlines Center on Friday, June 6, at 7:30 p.m.

ALLEN (CBS 11 NEWS) – A preliminary report on the cracking at the football stadium in Allen points a finger at structural and material problems at the 60-million dollar complex.  Possible fixes may be drastic, as in perhaps having to tear down some major components— maybe even parts of the athletic field.  But the stadium’s contractor cautions the report is only preliminary.

“And we’re thankful for a baseline but we’re looking forward to more reports and to having some results,” Ben Pogue told CBS 11 News.  Pogue is the President and CEO of Pogue Construction.  He did not talk about causes or solutions.

But the report goes into detail about materials, especially the concrete used in the stadium’s concourse.  It claims the cracking might be due to improper curing or improper design of the reinforcing steel used to control “shrinkage cracking.”  Pogue declined to address it.  “I could not comment on what could or could not happen with the curing as far as the theories regarding that.”

(credit: Nelson Forensics)

(credit: Nelson Forensics)

Some shrinking is expected in concrete, but the report calls it “excessive.”  It showed pictures of locations where water is already seeping through and it took core samples from selected areas to show where the concrete failed to hold up to stresses put on it.

People we spoke to, who live and work in Allen, are not happy about the stadium.

“It’s obviously a show piece and was featured on national news, and now to have this happen is extremely disappointing,” said Phillip Norton, the local VFW Commander.

Barber Kenji Walton said his customers talk about it frequently.  “They pay a lot of taxes in this town, so they’re pretty upset.”

Allen resident Peter Mockler added, “I think they put it up too quick, they were in a big hurry to get it done and make money, and kind of put ourselves on the map with this.”

Pogue, the contractor, promises that neither taxpayers nor the school district will not be stuck with whatever repair bill comes due.

“Every party involved has the appropriate insurances and more importantly, the appropriate business approach and relationship approach to take care of these things.”

The Allen ISD is not making any new comment, pointing out all activities have ceased at the stadium, including graduation exercises.  It hopes to announce the new location in the next few days.

A final stadium report is expected in June.

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