Taco Bell launched its breakfast menu today, and it launched a new advertising campaign to take a stab at its biggest competition.

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Taco Bell found 25 guys whose real names are Ronald McDonald to rave about the new morning menu.

The commercial ends with all the guys together saying, “My name is Ronald McDonald and I love Taco Bell’s new breakfast.”


Twitter is making changes to the way we post photos, and it’s more proof that social media is all about the pictures.

Twitter will now allow users to post up to four pictures in a single tweet.
Users can also tag up to 10 people in those pictures, which will not count against your 140 character limit.

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Right now, you can only use these new features from your Android or iPhone.

There are also reports today that Twitter is toying with the idea of replacing the retweet, with a “share with followers” option.


The San Antonio Spurs mascot makes quite the scene at a recent game, and may very well be on the injured list after a run-in with a Denver Nuggets player.

Last night, guard Aaron Brooks chased a loose ball out of bounds and knocked it into coyote, the spurs mascot.

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Coyote falls down — and when he gets up — his eyes are out of place!