DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Get ready to pay more for parking if you use any of the garages at Dallas Love Field.

The city council’s Budget, Finance and Audit Committee heard that a new parking structure is needed and rates should be boosted to help pay for it.

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Garage users are not necessarily happy. “That would not be good, I mean it’s already expensive as it is,” said Keisa Smith, who brought her four kids to wish her grandparents farewell and a safe flight. This simple good-bye was dear. “Just to get a few moments is going to cost me almost 20-some odd dollars. So, that’s kind of rough,” she told CBS 11 News.

But the city’s aviation director argues that after the Wright Amendment is lifted, commercial jet use may go up 50% to more than 6-million passengers a year. So more parking room will be needed, including a new structure. Garage B parking would jump from ten dollars to $13 a day; Garage A from $14-to-$17; valet from $21-to-$24.

Mark Duebner is even dangling the possibility of an on-field hotel if a developer will join in to build a parking structure.

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“Surprisingly we’ve been approached by at least three separate developers that have interest in doing a hotel,” he told committee members.

Love Field currently has two parking garages, A & B, capable of holding roughly 7-thousand vehicles. Airport workers will likely be unhappy. Employees and concessionaires currently paying 30-dollars a month for garage-B parking would be moved out to a remote lot and shuttled to work. Prices at remote private commercial lots are not affected. Reactions to the price increase from non-employees was mixed.

Tracey Brown said she’d probably quit using the garage for delivering clients to Love. “Then I would probably drop off and say. ‘Meet me out there’ more often.”

But Glenn Leondije says the parking is valuable. “It’s quite a jump, but it’s well worth it. It protects the cars. They don’t have to park outside, even valet parking is outside.”

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The proposal passed out of committee unanimously. It is set to be heard by the full city council on June 25th.