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105.3 THE FAN — A self-proclaimed liberal from Virginia has offered $100,000 to anyone with nude photos or videos of Kendall Jones, the 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader who posted photos of her exotic kills in Africa.

In the photos, Jones is shown standing over a number of animals, including an elephant, hippopotamus, lion and a cheetah. Facebook has since removed the photos.

The “bounty” has drawn criticism from a number of individuals and organizations, but Mike Dickinson, a “Left wing liberal campaigning for Congress in the 7th Congressional District of Virginia!” defended his offer on Shan & RJ on 105.3 The Fan on Friday.

Dickinson says that gun rights groups “have no shame”, and the extreme yet controversial tactics are necessary.

“The NRA is the most deplorable organization ever,” said Dickinson. “They fight tooth and nail; they fight dirty. They fight with every ounce of blood — come up with every dirty trick they can. I think gun rights groups are a little bit mad that somebody is willing to get in the mud and roll around with them.”

Though Dickinson admits the tactic is “kind of mean”, he also believes that Kendall deserves everything she’s getting.

“I really deplore Kendall Jones. She’s everything that’s wrong with America and with the way things are. We glorify this girl for going overseas and taking advantage of lax loopholes and killing these endangered animals. For fun — not to feed anybody — for fun.”

He continued, “To go over there and kill these animals, then to smile over it….Something is mentally wrong with her and people who make her into a hero.”

Dickinson believes that politicians and elected officials “don’t fight” and are largely “bland”. His comments, which certainly aren’t bland, have drawn praise, criticism, and even threats on social media.

“I’ve had death threats on Twitter. It’s just part of the process. Nobody will ever do anything, I think, because most people are big mouths and little action.”

On her Facebook page, Jones thanked her supporters for their encouragement during this controversial time.

I just want to THANK all of my supporters for their continued encouragement and backing! I will continue to hunt and spread the knowledge of hunting and wildlife conservation.

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