Facebook is adding a new feature that may have you spending more time on the site.

Facebook adds something every week it seems — today it debuted a save feature.

The idea is to give people a place to store links, videos or anything else your friends share on facebook so you can easily access it later.

For example – your friend raves about a restaurant on facebook — that you want to try later — you can save it.

You can find the save button next to the like button or in the drop down menu — depending on the type of post.

Facebook says your saves will remain private unless you share them.


Speaking of Facebook, the social media site has a new “most liked celebrity.”

She’s the first person to collect more than 100 million likes on Facebook

Her recent performance at the world cup and her active social media presence there helped push the Columbian singer to the top.

To celebrate the milestone, Shakira posted a thank you message on Facebook.

Eminem and Rihanna are holding down the second and third place spots with about 90 million fans each.


There are just a few more days left to win a role in the new Star Wars movie and today Director JJ Abrams upped the ante.

A couple of months ago, Abrams launched the Star Wars: Force for Change contest, where each $10 donation bought one chance to win a walk-on role in Star Wars: Episode VII.

With just four days left in the donation drive, Abrams posted a new video to YouTube today adding a new grand prize – a private pre-screening of the movie for 20 people.

The new YouTube video also gives fans a sneak peak at the new X-Wing Starfighter that will appear in the film.