By Scott Padgett

Good Friday morning! What a way to start out the month of August with our cool temps sticking around. Just after 7AM, temperatures across NTX we well below average with reports in the upper 60s and low 70s.

Metro Temp Plot

Today will be the first start to August that our high temperature doesn’t reach 100° in 5 years. Today the high temperature will only reach 83° and the last time we saw temps in the lower 80s for highs on August 1st was 81° back in 1995.

Cool July Day


There is a lot of cloud cover still in place across NTX wrapping around and area of low pressure that is sitting in SE TX this AM. This cloud cover will thin through the AM and into the afternoons.

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The clouds clear even more tonight and then into the weekend more sunshine returns and our temps slowly start to warm.

Extended AM

Enjoy the “cold” weather.