We’ve all had a sock or two disappear from our laundry.

When a family in Portland, Oregon, discovered dozens of socks were missing, they found it wasn’t the clothes dryer eating the socks, it was the dog.

A three-year-old Great Dane ate 43 and a half socks.

Before the socks were pulled out one by one, an x-ray was taken of the dogs tummy.

(credit: VeterinaryPractice

(credit: VeterinaryPractice


The dog OK and was able to go home one day after the surgery.

The DoveLewis animal hospital in Portland submitted the pictures to a contest called “They Ate What?” and won third place.

If you are wondering what could top that, turns out an animal hospital in Plano did.

They submitted this picture of a frog that swallowed 30 ornamental rocks.

plano frog

The frog survived the surgery and the rocks have been removed from his habitat.


As if it wasn’t already obvious, everyone loves Beyonce.

It’s Beyonce’s 33rd birthday and #HappyBirthdayBeyonce has been trending all day.

The singer has plenty of fans across the world but one college student took it to a whole new level.

She composed this email to her professor.

Beyonce Birthday

She tweeted that she intended the email to be a joke but she accidentally sent it instead of saving it to drafts.


After eight years at CBS 11, Tracy Kornet is saying goodbye.

She’s moving to Nashville to be closer to family, but before we let her leave, we had some fun remembering one of her best moments from the State Fair of Texas.