Technology is driving our world, and those who are in the driver’s seat have the best view. Craig Hicks is one of those experts at the forefront of the technology field.

(Photo Courtesy of Craig Hicks)

(Photo Courtesy of Craig Hicks)

Hicks, an international flight attendant for 26 years with American Airlines, earned an associate degree from the Dallas County Community College District’s Richland College. But the events of 9/11 and the uncertainty of the business industry as a whole became a catalyst for Hicks – who decided to go back to school.

After working for American Airlines for 29 years, three of those years being in advanced computer technology, Hicks retired from AA and now works as a solution manager for Sabre AirVision In-flight Onboard Catering and Provisions, which offers “web-based, fully integrated in-flight business solutions.”

As a flight attendant, Hicks traveled 100 percent of the time, so he needed an educational institution that would be flexible with his work schedule. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business/marketing at the University of Phoenix.

“The education gave me control of my career. I wasn’t relying on anybody else. The candidates that have the master’s degrees are fewer which gives you a competitive advantage when applying for or seeking a job,” said Hicks, who decided to pursue a master’s of business administration degree from Texas A&M Commerce. “Getting the master’s makes you much more competitive in the marketplace. If you are working, you should be able to apply your knowledge. You will be able to add credibility to your conversations with your peers and superiors as your education progresses.”

“I needed a focus beyond management and organizational behavior. I wanted to make sure that I got some network and IT security training because I knew that would be beneficial.” Being well versed in computers, Hicks decided to pursue more specialized education by taking Cisco Network Training at El Centro College and Project Management Certification at North Lake College.

“Having a master’s degree can help you get promoted and on significant projects more quickly in your career,” said Hicks, who worked on several new technology projects including being the program manager for FACET – the American Airlines Flight Attendant Tablet Project. This project launched new mobile technology for a remote workforce of 16,800 users incorporating job-related functions with proprietary applications.

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