Ron Nieman is a recruiter at Sanford Rose Associates – Dallas North that helps others find jobs in the technology field. He went back to school to earn a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of North Texas.

“By advancing my educational credentials, many doors were opened to me that would have otherwise been closed. Leadership is all about serving others and the more you have (knowledge), the more you can give,” said Nieman.

Former Marine, now Executive Dean of Business and Technology at Dallas County Community College District’s Cedar Valley College, Ruben Johnson said, “Getting my master’s degree has helped me help others. We (instructors and support staff at the college) encourage students to pursue their education. It will improve their income bracket and make them more marketable.”

Johnson earned his master’s degree in business with a focus on technology management from the University of Phoenix and is currently pursuing his doctorate from the same institution.

Craig Hicks works as a solution manager for Sabre AirVision In-flight Onboard Catering and Provisions, which offers “web-based, fully integrated in-flight business solutions.”

“The education gave me control of my career. I wasn’t relying on anybody else. The candidates that have the master’s degrees are fewer which gives you a competitive advantage when applying for or seeking a job,” said Hicks, who decided to pursue a Master’s of Business Administration from Texas A&M Commerce.

“Getting the master’s makes you much more competitive in the marketplace. If you are working, you should be able to apply your knowledge. You will be able to add credibility to your conversations with your peers and superiors as your education progresses,” said Hicks.

“A master’s tells others that you have a higher level of competency. It takes a lot more effort and self-initiative to get a post-graduate degree. You have to want it. You have to go get it,” said James Bandy, CEO of Brainband, a technology services company that provides wireless Internet services for large venues at Dallas’ Fair Park as well as provides instructional design and production of courses for online education companies.

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