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At Radio Row for the Super Bowl again!

I was like a kid again getting ready for opening day Sunday night. I had to come early to Radio Row to get the vibe on the Phoenix convention center. It’s a pretty cool setup.

Connected to the media center is the NFL Experience. I hoping to get some football cards for my kids and maybe mess around and throw a football or two.

There is nothing better than Chris Arnold dropping the OwwwWeee on the show as everybody looks at our station for a few seconds.

Monday’s are pretty slow for guests as I’m finding out in my 2nd trip to the Super Bowl. I’m really hoping the guests and energy levels pick up as the week goes on like in New York.

I wish I could report on how Jesse Holley is as a roommate but I don’t have much of a report yet except Jesse thinks germs are everywhere.

It is pretty cool though to get to room with a former Dallas Cowboy and I’ve already gotten a few cool stories on Jesse getting recruited by multiple schools and what they did to try to get them there.
That’s about it for the 1st day at the Super Bowl show. Until tomorrow stay classy Dallas.

Listen to the GBag Nation all this week live from Super Bowl 49 radio row.

Live Webcam from Radio Row

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