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Several items in the news this week registered immediate knee jerk reactions.

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News Item #1:
Reportedly, ESPN wants the College Football Playoff to move its 2015 National Semifinals (the Cotton and Orange Bowls this year) from their scheduled date of Thursday, December 1 and play the games instead on Saturday, January 2. However, playoff executives are holding firm. They want to keep the “New Year’s Six” bowl games on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. And, since the Rose and Sugar Bowls won’t budge from their customary January 1 dates, that means the Cotton and Orange will be played New Year’s Eve.

Reaction: ESPN is right. Since New Year’s Eve falls on a Thursday this year, the national semifinals (Cotton and Orange) need to be played on Saturday, January 2.
1) New Year’s Eve will be a regular work day for most people. Thus, bad ratings!
2) Many people are out of the house that night, celebrating New Year’s. Worse ratings!

So, College Football Playoff founding fathers, here you go, free of charge. Your 2015 New Year’s Six:

Thursday, December 31: Fiesta Bowl
Friday, January 1: Peach Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl
Saturday, January 2: Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl (national semifinals)

By the way, that will be the final weekend of the NFL regular season with all 16 games to be played on Sunday, January 3.

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That makes for the perfect New Year’s Football Weekend. You’re welcome!

News Item #2:
Reportedly, the NFL wants the College Football Playoff national championship game, scheduled to be played on Monday, January 11, to be moved to another night. That’s because the NFL wants to expand the playoffs and play a Wild Card Game on Monday night, January 11.

Reaction: Too bad, NFL! Play your wild card games on Saturday and Sunday, January 9 and 10. With six wild card games in a new playoff format, you have 3 windows both those days. Play tripleheaders on Saturday and Sunday. And, if you have to have another prime time window, then play one of your wild card games on Friday night, January 8.

Furthermore, why create such a competitive disadvantage by making two of your wild card teams play on Monday night? The winner of that game would have a short week to prepare for a divisional playoff the following week.

News Item #3:
New baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, on his first day on the job, told reporters he is open to pursuing the elimination of defensive shifts, which he says gives the defensive team a competitive advantage.

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Reaction: What?!!! Good grief! You know how to eliminate extreme defensive shifts? HIT THE BALL THE OTHER WAY!