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Randy Gregory – Defensive End – Nebraska

Height:  6055
Weight:  245
40 time:  4.76
Games Studied:  Michigan State, Wisconsin, USC, Miami

Strengths:  Everyone loves a pass rusher with length.  His length lets him keep OT’s hands off of him on the pass rush. He’ll also use one extended arm to keep a lineman at bay while he reads where RB is going.

Favorite rush move is using his left arm to extend, then right arm over to get inside and pull himself through with left hand.

Impressive bend for a guy so tall to be able to dip his inside shoulder and get low to the ground while tightening the corner to the QB against OT’s.

Is pretty explosive off the ball.  Works well down the line on plays away, kind of slippery to avoid blocks when he’s on the move.  Change of direction and quickness very good for his size.  He has a good combo of length/size/burst.

When they had him stand up and pass rush from outside or the middle he was hard to stay in front of.  Did show an occasional effective bull rush once he had guys worried about his speed.  He can turn that speed combined with good leverage into good power.

Natural balance avoiding cut blocks.

Weaknesses:  Allows himself to get hooked inside on outside runs too much.  Struggled vs Michigan State LT in the run game.  Got blocked too much.  Can get pushed around.  He gets a lot of attention from other teams but I wanted him to make more plays.

7 sacks and 8.5 tackles for loss is solid, but a lot of the other premiere edge guys in this draft were far more productive numbers-wise.

To me his individual traits were better than the production he provided.  Once a lineman (or tight end) gets his hands on him he struggles to get free.

Thoughts:  I think he and Bud Dupree (the Kentucky edge rusher) could both play DE in a 4-3 or OLB in a 3-4, but I would like Gregory at LB more.  He’s much harder to block on the move, and you can limit the amount of times LT’s can get their hands on him to lock him up in the run game.  Love the tools he has, like the player.

He could be an effective pass rusher pretty quickly, but to hold ground vs the run needs to add some size and strength.


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