By Jack Fink

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Intense flames engulfed this 18-wheeler along I-30 Monday night after the truck’s driver crashed through a concrete barrier.

The driver escaped with minor injuries, but it’s wrecks like this, that concern Calvin Withers every time he sees a truck on the highway. “I just stay away from them. If I have to speed up or slow down to get away from them, I do that a lot.”

The truck fire spread, and charred this elevated ramp being built as part of the $63 million managed toll lane project between Dallas and Arlington set to open in March of next year.

Grand Prairie police say they are still investigating whether to cite the driver.

TXDOT is now assessing the damage.

An agency spokesman, Ryan Lafontaine says, “There could be some setbacks and additional costs because of this.”

It’s still too early to know if there will be any delays, and no word yet how much it will cost to fix.

But TXDOT says it will ask the trucking company to reimburse the state for the damage.

I called Averritt Express seeking comment, but I didn’t hear back.

(credit: Jack Fink/CBS 11 News)

(credit: Jack Fink/CBS 11 News)

After a truck from Champion Waste & Recycling Services hit the state highway 183 overpass at Loop 12 two months ago, Irving police cited the driver saying, “The (truck’s) lift was too tall to go underneath the bridge height.”

TXDOT now wants the company to reimburse the state $332,000.

We didn’t hear back from the firm.

With money tight for new road construction projects, Lafontaine says it regularly wants those at fault to pay the state back for all of the work. “The last thing we want to do is pass this cost of a traffic accident onto the taxpayer.”

Drivers like Calvin Withers agree taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill.

“It still comes down to who’s at fault. If the truck causes it, then definitely.”

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