By Ginger Allen

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Days before the storm hit, TXDOT trucks pre-treated roads with a brine, a mixture of salt and water. But it’s something you want to get off your car as soon as possible.

Many of the roads out there are starting to clear, so where did all the salt, sand and brine go?

A lot of it went right to the under belly of your car.

The car gurus CBS 11 talked to today all say the reality is salt is corrosive and brine is corrosive, but only when left untreated.

“Compar(e)it to brushing your teeth. If you miss one day that’s not going to cause a cavity. However, if you go longer term, obviously your dentist isn’t going to be happy with you.
Well, the salt conditions are going to be the same way, so obviously if you drive in salt or through an area that has brine in it and if left untreated, it could create a problem long-term for you.”

The good news in North Texas is this issue is very short-term! The simple fix is to treat the undercarriage of your car just like you do the outer body. Once this winter blasts ends, take your vehicle to a good car wash that does undercarriage washes and make sure you get all these spaces cleaned.