DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM/AP) –  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was on the stand a little more than two hours with some occasionally rough-and-tumble testimony answering questions mostly from the plaintiff’s attorney.

Jones testified Tuesday in a federal civil trial four years in the making, brought by fans who bought tickets to Super Bowl XLV but found out the seats didn’t exist or had obstructed views.

Jones is a long-time negotiator with lots of experience with lawyers and seemed ready to tell his side of the story no matter what direction plaintiff’s attorney Michael Avenatti tried to steer him.
At one point questioning got so tense Jones looked at the attorney and said, “Let’s go.”  To which Judge Barabara Lynn cautioned both men this wasn’t hand-to-hand combat.  Jones was asked about the combative questioning as he left court.

“The same question asked tricky or five different ways probably was irritating a little bit,” said Jones.

Jones said he regrets that not all the Super Bowl XLV fans got the seats or Super Bowl experience for which they paid.  But he felt the NFL had settled fairly with them, despite these last seven holdouts still suing the league.

” The fans—we’re all NFL fans and the NFL wants them to be compensated for the fact that they didn’t have a seat.   And the majority of everybody involved with these tickets thought that what we’d given was very fair,” said Jones.

Over the course of Jones testimony, there were some light moments.  For example, when Avenatti approached Jones to show him some documents Jones told the attorney, “You’re a sweetheart.”   The judge cracked she’d overlook the perjury rule in that statement.

Closing arguments are set for Wednesday, with the jury expected to have the case before noon.