FORT WORTH (CBSFW.COM) –  Marion Crain and her fiancé had just walked into The Star convenience store and paused for a second when there was a huge crash.

“We went to put our bags down and then the next thing you know there’s a boom and a car just hits me and I go flying in the air,” Crain said.

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Crain, who is seven months pregnant, and her fiancé were staying at a homeless shelter nearby.

As they entered the store, police say Isaac Adams had just fled the scene of a minor accident and was racing away at up to 100 miles per hour.

He slammed the pickup truck into the store, killing a 24 year old mother and sending other patrons flying.

“I seen the car in the store,” Crain recalled of what she saw immediately after. “People scrambling. I see smoke. Everything, it was just everything flying everywhere.

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“The lady who owns this place was back there in the office going frantic. I’m trying to help calm her down. And her husband was pinned behind the wall. And then there were two ladies that were underneath the vehicle and another lady that I guess got thrown towards the back area.”

Crain was put in the ambulance with this man, the passenger in the truck that hit her.

“He just kept apologizing for his friend,” she said. “He said that he was sorry that i hope you’re okay and that everyone else was okay too. And all I kept telling him was everything was going to be okay and he needed to think of himself.”

And what would Crain tell the driver?

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“I would just…let him know that I know things happen and I do forgive you,” she said. “But I will never forget.”