Note: YouTube video contains foul language.

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(CBSDFW.COM) – Video of what appears to be a Hunt County Sheriff’s Deputy punching a pregnant woman has garnered some attention since it was posted over the weekend.

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The Hunt County Sheriff says an investigation is underway, but he does not directly address what seen on the video, which was reportedly taken March 4 and records a home response to a Child Protective Services call.

You can’t see Deanna Robinson in the video, who was 38 weeks pregnant at the time, but she says she was handcuffed and pinned by two deputies, before she was punched in the back.

In the video you can hear her scream, “I’m pregnant,” several times during the confrontation.

The recording cuts off after the first punch, but Robinson says the deputy hit her several times.

“I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and my stomach pressed into that counter, with my 18 month old watching his mother be assaulted, and him screaming in fear, watching his mother being beaten,” she said.

Robinson was ultimately arrested and charged with interfering and assault on an officer, which she denies.

“I wouldn’t have an opportunity to assault anyone, I didn’t touch anyone, there’s nothing that warrants what they did to me,” said Robinson.

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Carol Day Gustin, Robinson’s attorney agrees. “There is no reason in my mind that an officer should pull his hand up and hit a pregnant woman multiple times. No.”

The deputies were there to assist CPS with a court order to remove Robinson’s 18-month old son from her care after a domestic fight between Robinson and her husband. CPS confirms four children, between the ages of 1 and 9 years old, are in temporary CPS custody.  The 9-year-old told teachers at school that he was afraid to go home, because his parents were fighting, and a report to CPS was filed. The three biological children of the father were removed from the home after an interview with the father.  Robinson left the house, according to her attorneys, with her 18-month-old son, to stay with her parents.  CPS case workers arranged a meeting with her the next day. Attorney Scott Cornuaud said the meeting turned into an “ambush” to remove Robinson’s biological son Landry from her care.  Robinson claims caseworkers took her son because she shoved her husband while her toddler was still in her arms.

Robinson says before the video started rolling, she demanded to see the court order permitting the children’s removal from the home.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks issued the following statement about the video:

“I have become aware of an internet allegation accusing one of my deputies of improper actions. I have initiated an administrative investigation to determine if any policy violations occurred. Public confidence and trust in the Sheriff’s Office is a high priority for me and we take all allegations of misconduct seriously. We will allow the investigation to run its course in a manner which is fair to all concerned and we will make no assumptions or guesses until all facts are determined. Additional information will be released as appropriate and the results of our investigation will be made public upon conclusion.”

Robinson is now out of jail. Her newborn son, Lucky, is healthy and three weeks old.

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